Top 5 Collections at Paris Fashion Week

Celine Autumn Winter 2011 2012 Phoebe Philo’s collection for Celine incorporated minimalism, craft, sportswear and inspirations from automotive interiors with streamline cuts. The overal simplicity of this collection caught our eye. Trousers played an important roll in this Autumn Winter collection which was refreshing. Two toned troousers were a favourite which used both tweed and … Continue reading “Top 5 Collections at Paris Fashion Week”

Celine Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Phoebe Philo’s collection for Celine incorporated minimalism, craft, sportswear and inspirations from automotive interiors with streamline cuts. The overal simplicity of this collection caught our eye. Trousers played an important roll in this Autumn Winter collection which was refreshing. Two toned troousers were a favourite which used both tweed and leather fabrics. Celine Autumn Winter 2011 2012 collection could show the return of the polo neck. The chevron stripe jumper gave a true statement to what the collection was about, laidback sophistication. The use of panels within the construction of pieces complimented the block colour trends that came from London Fashion Week this season. Panelling in shirts to the panelled cream leather dress showed this collection complimented the figure.


  • Colours: Olive, brown, cream and pink
  • Must have items: Slim fitted trousers and panelled dress
  • Footwear: Pointed loafers and low ankle boots

Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn Winter 2011 2012 collection was all about making a statement. Not necessarily of outlandish fashion but more of a statement of society. Jean Paul Gaultier collection at Paris Fashion Week included a witty take on age, Jean Paul Gaultier stated, “how to look young – without Botox”. Models were styled with grey wigs that had been backcombed and given exaggerated French pleat styles. Before his show in Paris on Saturday Jean Paul Gaultier evaluated his collection, “no corsets, no flesh! It’s quite ladylike. I can’t believe it”. Here at Kindred Sole we love the grown up elegance of Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection but love even more how a theatrical style was involved including models stripping off layers of clothing, leaving a pile at the end of the runway. The collection embraced Parisian chic with the use of prints, trouser suits and belted trench coats. The tailoring at Jean Paul Gaultier was so chic and with pieces including pussy cat bow blouses and tweed skirts and jackets, the collection was wearable.


  • Colours: Camel, brown, black and cream
  • Must have items: Belted trench coat and trouser suit
  • Footwear: Smart black and brown high heel shoes

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Vivienne Westwood is a name synonymous with fashion. Her shows are guaranteed to get people talking as a statement is always at the heart of the collection. Vivienne Westwood Gold Label collection at Paris Fashion Week encapsulated a ‘Woman as Warrior’ theme. “I can’t keep banging on about climate change, so I decided to express my thoughts about the planet through strong women, and the fact women are the guardians of culture,” said Dame Vivienne Westwood after her show. Her inspirations from around the world were captivating. Prints and patterns created the fabulous looks of the show including batik prints, country florals, pinstripes and British plaids. The statement making geometric prints balanced with Victorian blouses with puff sleeves meant a balance between warrior and femininity. The tousled hair styled with face paint complimented the collection.


  • Colours: Burgundy, Moss green, Red and grey
  • Must have items: Victorian blouse, ruched pencil skirt and kaftan
  • Footwear: Glittery footwear, ankle boots and pointed shoes

Lanvin Autumn Winter 2011 2012

The dark colours at Lanvin were luxurious and chic. Jewel hued tones for evening gowns were fabulous accents for Lanvin Autumn Winter 2011 2012 collection. We were captivated by the wide brimmed hats and structured dresses, skirts and capes within the first set of the collection. The sternness style of the collection was mystifying. The show progressed to include black and white large floral print dresses (we love!) and draped evening dresses which are designer Alber Elbaz’s signature style. The final set included brighter colours which created dresses with volume.


  • Colours: Black, white, cream, jewelled purple, peach pink
  • Must have items: Cape, wide brimmed hat and high volume dress
  • Footwear: Loafers, ankle strap shoes, platform sandals and high heel ankle boots

Christian Dior Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Christian Dior’s Paris Fashion Week show began with a moving speech from Dior president, Sidney Toledano. This was following the dismissal of designer John Galliano amid anti-Semitic remarks made. Due to these circumstances there was tight security and a heavy police presence. The disgraced British designer was absent from the show. Christian Dior’s Autumn Winter 2011 2012 collection included 62 models and seemed to reveal an overal look back on Dior’s previous seasons. The collection was ultra feminine. Fabrics were either sheer, appliqued or included features or fabric manipulation. An influence of lingerie was apparent with floaty silhouettes and frilly bloomers. The colour’s within the collection were perfect for Autumn with burgundy, black and emerald green colour tones being used.


  • Colours: Black, white, silver, burgundy and emerald green
  • Must have items: Featured dress
  • Footwear: Nude strappy platform sandals, black platform high heels

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Top Ten Knitwear Designers at London Fashion Week

Sandra Bucklund

Sandra Buckland is celebrated for the 3D knitted garment patterns she designs. They are based mostly on the human profile. Her own knitted fabrics are utilised in the development of her unique structures. Her textiles are a result of intense experimentation on machines and is a patchwork of knitted pieces. Her 2010 collections were the first to be fully produced. Up until that moment all the work she fashioned was tailored. Tida Swinton modelled her most illustrious piece in the well celebrated Another Magazine.

Rick Owens

Knitwear is used rather liberally in most of Owens collections. His creations time and again make use of rather basic methods in the development of his agreeably tailored outfits. On a number of occasions it is apparent to observe that innovative forms and shapes are produced as a consequence of the strategies he employs to shape the knitwear. The monochrome colour palette he employs to define the figure is identified as being exclusive to him and acts as a signature in a lot of ways. His pieces are habitually created in one progression on the machine. As a result of this practice Owens work repeatedly displays interesting and exceptional shapes and silhouettes.

Ramon Gurillo

Spanish born Gurillo worked as an illustrator prior to starting his own design business. Under his thorough direction he employs a group of enthusiastic knitters and crafts people. The techniques he employs are incredibly refined. A lot of his work features re-embroidered designs with knits crocheted on top. As a consequence of these technically convoluted hand knits most are not easily transferred to machines. It’s noticeable that more attention is paid to the material and it’s drape than the outline. His materials and yarns are of the uppermost quality and play a huge part in the aesthetics of the piece.

Ioannis Dimitrousis

Dimitrousis’ handiwork is largely crocheted and unisex. He describes his maths-orientated mind to be behind the love of crochet, even though I recently revealed his mother was in reality behind it all! He also focuses on the drape and the significance of the finished garment. His most recent collection was adorned with sequins and frills.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul regularly sprinkles his collection with key knitwear pieces. His strategies are by no means groundbreaking although, conversely Gaultier is a master of combining knit with other materials. His blends can consist of soft chiffons with jagged mesh. He is proficient at including detail with many describing his knits as works of art.

Jennifer Lang

If you’ve heard of the extravagant laddering technique then you may well know it was pioneered by Jennifer Lang. Her MA collection gained fame as soon as it was reported on in the British tabloid newspapers. A litany of celebrities were reported to be ordering tailored knit wear repeatedly from her. In appreciation of her success she was awarded a stand at London Fashion Week along with a studio in Cockpit Studios. Designer catwalks in next to no time got used to seeing her creations and as a result she was offered a position with the All Saints brand.

Simone Shailes

The knitting world was enraptured after Shailes presented her hand knitted collection at Central St Martins College. Her procedures were complex and time consuming and her designs were very contemporary. The square cut jackets juxtaposed the light frothy approaches. Her jackets and knitted cardigans were siezed upon by Topshop and her first collection was launched. Since that collection she has been employed by Celine.

Louise Goldin

Goldin is also a St Martins College graduate perhaps helping to explain her contemporary designs. She has a skill for finding unique fresh yarns who’s aesthetics lend themselves to original, advanced designs. The molded knitwear and chiffon shifts of her most recent collection strike an attractive balance. Her knitwear pieces have rejuvenated the knitwear business and encouraged further knitwear designers to show at London Fashion Week. She is a strong prospect and so will be watched with interest.

Sonia Rykiel

Rykiel’s handiwork is humorous and light hearted and her knitwear certainly does not miss out on this. Her jumpers have proved exceedingly desirable in the main. Like Gaultier she focuses on aesthetic detail to convey her message.


Giles’ hefty outsized knits have to be considered his most revered handiwork to date. His three dimensional knitted parts were more architectural structures than garments. Giles creates his pieces around a silhouette that allows him to construct new female styles. It is fair to say that he has pushed the boundaries of the hefty knitwear scene. He opened the market to a niche for exaggerated knitwear as lengthy scarves were quickly on the high street, chunky hats and knitted boots were the next step. It was a surprise to this writer that Aran knitwear was not more in style following his collection.